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Reviews for I love you, you're the engeman

Photo by Amy Pasquantonio


"A heartfelt scene the audience adores is Ms. Weinberg in "The Very First Dating Video of Rose Ritz.’ It is an emotional rollercoaster where you’ll find yourself laughing and tearing up. [She] is extraordinary.

-BroadwayWorld, Melissa Giordano

Other standouts and moving performances came from “The Lasagna Incident,” (with a beautiful ballad “I Will Be Loved Tonight” sung by Weinberg that shows off her phenomenal range and powerhouse vocals)

-TBR NewsMedia, Julianne Moser


[She] transformed characters effortlessly… in seconds. It was truly a sight to behold.

The chemistry between the couple, even as they switched roles and storylines, was palpable. Moments like the Lasagna Incident… feel as though you’re watching someone’s real life unfold, and you can’t look away.

-Theatre Guide, Alana Brooks

Reviews for Guys & Dolls Nat'l Tour

Photo by Amy Pasquantonio

Photo by Amy Pasquantonio

"Weinberg has the voice, delivery, and comic timing of Gracie Allen, and her Adelaide is

blessed with the same screwball logic – yet her disappointment at being stood up by Nathan for their elopement is heartbreakingly real.

-  The Orange County Register, Gary Emord-Netzley


"...Weinberg is simply perfect in the role. I have [Adelaide's Lament] engrained in my brain from Barbra Streisand and her Broadway album but Weinberg has the voice and performance skills to pull it off. In fact, she steals the show; every time she's in a scene the stage lights up."

-, Charles Karel Bouley


"Weinberg’s fabulous Miss Adelaide... (including her solo/ their duet of “Adelaide’s Lament” and “Sue Me”) rivals the best that have preceded them."

StageSceneLA, Steven Stanely


"Headliner Adelaide, (a perfectly-cast Lauren Weinberg)..." 

"...and [the] sneezy paramour Adelaide, played by the show's most enchanting and most hilarious cast member, Weinberg. Her Betty Boop-tinged voice really fits her deliciously quirky character and her "Adelaide's Lament" is just a fabulous rendition. Even her walk and non-verbal facial expressions had me grinning."

-, Michael L. Quintos


"In “Adelaide’s Lament,” Weinberg delivers a knockout vocal summary of life attached to a guy with a weak spine."

- The Spokesman-Review, Tom Sowa


"Miss Adelaide, receives a brassy, brilliant interpretation from Lauren Weinberg..."

-Huntington Beach Independent, Tom Titus


"Lauren Weinberg’s Adelaide was wonderfully cheesy with a New York accent that could take the chrome off the bumper of a ’55 Chevy."

- Northwest Reverb, James Bash


"The hilarious character of Adelaide almost always steals the show, but Weinberg reins

herself in to supplement and balance the others in a very professional interpretation of the role."

-Lexington Herald-Leader, Tedrin Blair Lindsay



Reviews for Brigadoon at The Wick Theatre

"Weinberg is even more amazing. She earned unstinting praise in recent Wick productions as the daffy Adelaide in Guys and Dolls and the flirty Ilona in She Loves Me. Neither comedy-based role prepares the audience for her sublimely soaring soprano. Fiona is an underwritten role but Weinberg invents and invests Fiona with a gentle defiance at the social expectations of her society but an unfettered courageous commitment to this chance at love."

- Florida Theatre On Stage, Bill Hirschman

 "[Weinberg] turns to her crystalline soprano to play the lovely Fiona. Being instantly smitten, as Fiona must given that another century of hibernation is fast approaching, is never easy though often required in classic musicals. Weinberg pulls it off convincingly."

-, Christine Dolen

"Weinberg, who brings an ethereal quality to Fiona, possesses a honeyed, expressive singing voice. It is clear and a joy to listen to.", Aaron Krause

Photo by Amy Pasquantonio

Reviews for Damn Yankees at The Wick Theatre
Damn Yankees.PRODUCTION-133.JPEG

" [A] star performance from [an] actor seemingly born to play their role and visibly savoring the opportunity: Lauren Weinberg is the lust-inducing Lola, who can be hilariously over the top and [still] show her gentler side...Weinberg has a glorious clarion voice.."

- Florida Theatre On Stage, Bill Hirschman

"While the show was already going well, it kicks into high gear with Weinberg’s entrance. Her show stopping seduction striptease, “Whatever Lola Wants,” is both sexy and funny, and she even scores with an irrelevant mambo number, “Who’s Got the Pain."

- Palm Beach Arts Paper, Hap Erstein

Reviews for Beauty & The Beast at Theatre By The Sea

"Lauren Weinberg, in her Theatre By The Sea debut, gives us a beautiful and perfectly-cast Belle, and her rich soprano voice is from on high."

- The Westerly Sun, Nancy Burns-Fusaro

"In addition to being a vocal dead ringer for Paige O’Hara’s Belle in the 1991 film, Weinberg presents a strong yet struggling heroine..."

-, Kathleen Troost-Cramer

"Lauren Weinberg is a delight .... [she] enjoys many compelling moments, but really shines during two of Menken’s most commanding ballads, “Home” and “A Change in Me.”

- The Independent, Brad Hevenor

Photo by Steven Richard Photography

Reviews for Guys & Dolls at The Wick Theatre

"Weinberg’s Miss Adelaide, [is] the perfect Hot Box headliner. Having played [Adelaide] on tour, Weinberg digs deeper than some performers do. Her acting is detailed and nuanced, her voice perfectly suited to the material. Like 'Guys and Dolls,' she’s a gem."

-, Christine Dolen

"[The] endlessly inventive Lauren Weinberg... has played the part before, but her highly detailed characterization feels as fresh as if a real Hot Box star was bemoaning her fate with a voice that sometimes sounds like a hammer shattering glass and then other times bursts for a few notes into the pure soprano of a chanteuse. It is one of the most skillful musical theater performances of the season so far."

- Florida Theatre On Stage, Bill Hirschman

Photo by Amy Pasquantonio

review For Matilda At Colorado Springs fine arts center

"Lauren Weinberg brings unexpected depth to Matilda’s shallow mother, flaunting her dance moves...."

- On Stage Colorado, April Tooke


IPhoto by Jeff Kearney

Reviews for She Loves Me at The Wick Theatre

Photo by Julie Kleiner- Davis

 "Her "A Trip to the Library" is a highlight in act two. A top comedienne,  as Ilona, is adorable and touching at the same time."

- Talkin' Broadway, Jeffrey Bruce

"Lauren Weinberg is an adorable Ilona showing off her superb comedic chops and brassy belt...and ha[s] a talent for caressing the end of a musical line with an aural flip of pure sweetness."

- Florida Theatre On Stage, Bill Hirschman

Reviews for Guys & Dolls at Olney Theatre Center

Photo by Stan Barouh

Photo by Stan Barouh

"As Miss Adelaide, Lauren Weinberg performs “A Bushel and a Peck” and “Adelaide’s Lament” in the way Mr. Loesser had imagined."

- Maryland Theatre Guide, Steve Charing


"Miss Adelaide is played to the hilt...Weinberg delivers the juicy lyrics from “Adelaide’s Lament” with relish. Cheers for her performance bring down the house.", Rosalind Lacy


"Lauren Weinberg is a fetchingly plucky Adelaide, Nathan Detroit’s absurdly longtime fiancee, as she snifflingly renders “Adelaide’s Lament” and cavorts through the perky-sexy Hot Box routines."

- The Washington Post, Nelson Pressley


"Lauren Weinberg delivers a great comic turn as Adelaide...she shines in "Adelaide's Lament" and is a delight in "A Bushel and a Peck." Though Weinberg could have easily gone for cheap laughs, she instead brings a vulnerability to the character that rings true.", Keith Loria


"...and Weinberg is just plain hilarious in "Adelaide's Lament.""

-, Charles Shubow


"The four leads should be commended for their incredibly human portrayals of characters that borderline on caricature. Weinberg’s turn as Miss Adelaide manages to be both spunky and sweet with a nasal tone that never comes off as overly obnoxious."

- DC Metro Theatre Arts, Kate Bogdan


Reviews for Cause of Failure, New York Fringe Festival 

"Lauren Weinberg as Maggie is a graceful and endearing center. Her journey is a difficult one, but she shoulders the show capably, and never overplays what could be a maudlin exercise in mourning.", Nat Cassidy


"Ms. Weinberg gives a virtuosic performance as Maggie. She is onstage almost the entire show, but never lets her energy or emotional connection flag. She conveys how extraordinary Maggie is in her grace and dedication to her mother, while never losing her ordinariness.", Anna Van Valin


"Weinberg is quite wonderful as Maggie, the daughter who can’t move on with her own life.  She is both charming and heartbreaking...", Mateo Moreno

Photo by Brian Hashimoto

Reviews for Hamlettes, New York Fringe Festival

"Weinberg is the standout with her heartbreaking performance."

-Pataphysical Science


"Excellent performances from all three actors...and Weinberg is touchingly emotional.", David Fuller


Photo by Brian Hashimoto 

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