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Vocal Reel. 2022.

"Percent." Dramatic Scene, feat. Dru Serkes, Two Fifty Films. March 2016.

Commercial Reel. 2022. (Brands and Names are property of their respective owners)

"Party Girl." Comedic Scene, feat. Dru Serkes, Two Fifty Films. March 2016. 

"Gotta Get Out" from Ordinary Days by Adam Gwon. 2019.

"Happy Days / Get Happy" with Chelsea Rose Amaroso at The Wick Theatre Cabaret. April 2017.

Scene from WHO IS THEO? A New American Farce by David L. Kimple. Bristol Valley Theater World Premiere. With Sara Fetgatter and Steven Smith. June 2015. 

"Adelaide's Lament," from Guys & Dolls National Tour press footage. January 2015.

Hosting. Harman Tech Crunch Disrupt Hackathon, Brooklyn. Filmed in VR. May 2016.

"Day by Day," clip from Godspell. June 2015.

Easy acoustic set 2018

Wonderful World - Lauren Weinberg
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Someone To Watch Over Me - Lauren Weinberg
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Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Lauren Weinberg
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My Favorite Things - Lauren Weinberg
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